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National Stakeholder Engagement

HellasQCI will create a community to diffuse the use of Quantum Communication technologies in the Greek territory. HellasQCI’s objective is to create the Hellenic community from all relevant stakeholders that can benefit and support the HellasQCI network, gather expertise and share knowhow on quantum communication technologies that can be applied in practical and sustainable use cases.

The community will include local stakeholders that are using services of the traditional telecommunications networks. These stakeholders will adopt the services and the advanced use cases in different application scenarios that HellasQCI will set up, test and verify.

The ecosystem will bring together national players in the governmental sector, the industrial and the academia as well as the start-up and SME sectors that can potentially use the HellasQCI network and/or support its value chain.

We expect that the Hellenic community will also influence the creation and growth of companies, especially SMEs including start-ups in the QCI domain offering to them significant research capacities and creating a flourishing start-up ecosystem.

The community will strengthen synergies and promote the building of new national collaborations and interactions in order to develop a vibrant ecosystem of national stakeholders that will thus assist in the uptake, development and commercialization of the relevant technologies in the Hellenic economic area.

This community will closely follow the results from the building of the HellasQCI systems and networks and will also enable large companies, quantum start-ups and SMEs to shape their goals to create differentiated values in this ecosystem.

The HellasQCI will also strengthen the uptake of innovation in society, creating new market opportunities, transferring knowledge and empowering the Hellenic ecosystem with best practices and the exchange of lessons learnt.

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