EuroQCI Overview

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Cooperation with EU Member States to build robust, interoperable and secure QKD systems and networks for the EuroQCI

The HellasQCI will collaborate with the Quantum Flagship initiatives developing European technology and the associated supply chain, achieving the goals of European digital sovereignty. HellasQCI will support the supply chain of European quantum secure technologies by collaborating with European vendors of DV- and CV-QKD systems.

HellasQCI aims to support the research initiatives focusing on the future-proof QKD systems which aim to deliver the Next Generation of QKD protocols and systems. Targeting the collaboration with the Framework Partnership Agreements (FPAs) in Quantum Communication Technologies, HellasQCI aims to integrate novel building blocks for field tests and demonstrations in the era of future quantum network technologies and quantum internet.
Aside from the synergies targeting the advancement of European supply chain of QKD systems, HellasQCI will cooperate and participate with other EU Member States in the deployment plan and strategic efforts towards designing and building an overall EuroQCI system architecture, to prepare the large-scale deployment of a QCI spanning the EU.

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