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Hellas QCI will implement its activities within the following Work Packages:

Work Package 1 : Project management

Perform the technical and financial project management and ensure the efficient coordination of the consortium

  • Ensure the relevance, quality and timeliness of the project outputs, the monitoring of the works and results, and the implementation of corrective measures if needed
  • Report on project progress to the European Commission.
  • Perform a risk management & resolution plan
  • Resolve any project internal conflicts and build accountability into the project’s work.
Work Package 2 : Design of the HellasQCI and interoperability with EuroQCI

  • Definition of use cases to be executed over the HellasQCI infrastructure along its evolution phases.
    Definition of the HellasQCI architecture so as to support defined use cases.
  • Execution of the procurement process for acquiring the HellasQCI infrastructure based on the defined HellasQCI architecture and the tests that are going to be executed.
  • To contribute to the design of the overall EuroQCI system architecture so as interoperability with HellasQCI is guaranteed.
Work Package 3 : Implementation and operation of the HellasQCI

Provide a Secure System Architecture

  • Perform phase 0 testing
    Build the HellasQCI control and management planes
  • Put into operation the HellasQCI infrastructure so as to enable execution of phase 1 and phase 2 testing
  • Manage the HellasQCI infrastructure
  • Follow standardisation and certification guidelines for HellasQCI infrastructure
  • Assure the security of the HellasQCI infrastructure
Work Package 4 : Demonstration of the Use Cases
  • Demonstrate the National Security use cases with enhanced network security and resilience
  • Demonstrate the use of QKD technology in service of the Public Health
  • Demonstrate the Industrial applications of QKD including critical infrastructure and ICT sectors
  • Demonstrate the research, education and innovation use cases
Work Package 5 : Trainings in QCI and QKD systems and networks
  • Definition of the training strategy and methodology of HellasQCI
  • Design of the training stages and implementation rounds for HellasQCI trainers groups
  • Implementation of the training program on QKD principles for the research and academic communities
  • Implementation of the training program on Quantum Security for security and IT experts
  • Implementation of the training program on QKD applications for end users and public authorities
Work Package 6 : Communication, dissemination and exploitation

Increase awareness about the project outcomes and its benefits;

  • Ensure National Stakeholders Involvement and create the HellasQCI community
  • Stimulate the community participation at all levels setting up communication links with Industry Alliances, the EuroQCI CSA and the other National QCIs
  • Generate new knowledge by allowing open access to some of the HellasQCI tools
  • Support exploitation of the project results and thus contribute to the increase of EU competitiveness.
  • Support standardisation activities for the project results in EU and Global SDOs

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