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Governmental applications: Public Safety and Public Health

Secure communications for Public Safety applications:

This use case will demonstrate the use of quantum secure communications in the case of alarm signalling during a critical event for the public safety. In such a scenario, a remote signal will be used to identify a critical event (e.g. fire, snow, gunshot etc) and trigger an alarm signal that needs to be securely transmitted to specific governmental entities

Quantum Secure technologies for cloud Health Applications:

The aim of this use case is to scale and extend the QKD4IntelligentHealth pilot running within the framework of OPENQKD project. The pilot will simplify access to healthcare datasets, it will combine QKD keys with other technical and cryptographic means, and will consider the secure transfer of medical data over the cloud in different scenarios.

Secure transmission of medical imaging data for Public Hospitals:

This use case will demonstrate the use of QKD technology for securing communications and data storage in the National healthcare system, following related work in OPENQKD.

QKD for secure connectivity to supercomputing infrastructure:

The largest High Performance Computing (HPC) system in Greece (ARIS), will utilise the QKD technology of HellasQCI to communicate securely, and to efficiently experiment with sensitive medical datasets.

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