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Research, Education and Innovation Use Cases of HellasQCI

Preparing for the quantum internet:

Within the Innovation, Research & Education domain the HellasQCI project aims to address the requirement for providing future-proof extensions towards general purpose quantum communications and quantum computing applications, also known as the Quantum Internet.

Advanced quantum network controls:

HellasQCI will comply with the ETSI-GS QKD-14 standards to efficiently deliver cryptographic keys to applications, such that QKD equipment and applications from different vendors follow the same specifications for a key delivery API, to ensure the interoperability of the HellasQCI QKD networks and the EuroQCI networks.

PUF-based hybrid authentication for switched QKD:

HellasQCI plans to employ a hybrid PUF/QKD authentication scheme taking advantage of a flexible KMS of the commercial QKD systems that should enable the user to define the pre-shared keys.

Preparation of a quantum encrypted software application:

A dedicated specialised quantum-safe messaging and communication (sound/voice and images/video) application based if possible on open-source software libraries will be developed.

HellasQCI space and terrestrial segments:

HellasQCI aims at the readiness of OGSs to establish communication links with Eagle-1, to realise the QKD end-to-end links given that the satellite segment will be operational, and finally to perform successful exchange of quantum information between Eagle-1 and the OGSs at Helmos, Skinakas, and Holomondas.

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