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In line with the strategic goals of EuroQCI in support of the European digital workforce, HellasQCI aims to setup training programs on quantum technologies for the design, deployment and use of next generation highly secure communication and data networks. The aim of the HellasQCI is to train a large number of users in quantum communication technologies, so Greece can be ready for the design and deployment of next generation highly secure communication and data networks. There will be programs for
  • academic/research staff,
  • experts in digital security and
  • end users and public authorities.
Depending on the training needs of each category, different paths have been designed to fit well with the specific needs of each group, and their implementation will be geographically distributed in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion. Academia and Research institutions: For the academic and research training groups, the initial stage will focus on the preparation of course materials for MSc/PhD programs, which will be combined with workshops and tutorials devoted for postgraduate students. Moreover, the PhD/MSc students in topics relevant to both classical communications and quantum technologies will have the opportunity to participate in dedicated training workshops and tutorials elaborated by the HellasQCI training board. The second stage for this training group will attempt to transfer the acquired expertise during the first stage to practical hands-on experience with actual QKD systems. Aside from the principles of QKD systems and their use in fibre-based transmission systems, earth-to-satellite QKD links will be part of this training program. Security and IT experts: The training program for security and IT experts will initially cover the principles of cryptography, while emphasis will be given on their security against both classical and quantum computers. A n essential part of this program will focus on the fundamental principles underlying the most widely used QKD protocols, providing an overview of their implementation, the threat model, and the path that the QKD promises to deliver quantum safe encryption. Aside from the system overview and implementation of QKD, emphasis will be placed on the integration of QKD solutions into existing cryptographic infrastructure. There will be also hands-on training for the security and IT experts. The training board of HellasQCI will closely monitor the updates in NIST Crypto standards for the PQC and its synergies with the deployed QKD systems, incorporating these updates as part of training materials. End users & public authorities: The tutorial session of this training pillar will initially focus primarily on giving a high-level overview of quantum communication for readers not familiar with quantum physics or information theory and will mainly focus on the principles of quantum cryptography allowing for secure data transmission of highly sensitive information. Aside from the introduction to QKD technology, the main part of this tutorial session will address the high-level description of the infrastructure layout devoted for the targeted applications and use cases in governmental and industrial testbeds of HellasQCI.

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