HellasQCI is one of the National QCI projects invited to attend the 3-day closed meeting organised by IrelandQCI, between 1-3rd July 2024.  This is a unique opportunity for experts to exchange the latest news and developments across the quantum communication infrastructure community, and representatives from industry and academia to participate in workshops and engage in networking activities within the Quantum Communication Community.

Dr. Ilias Papastamatiou,HellasQCI Project Coordinator GRNET, will Chair the Panel Discussions on Use Cases and Standards with Homer Papadopoulos (NCSRD, HellasQCI) Piotr Rydlichowski (PSNC, Pionier-Q), and Sebastian Ramacher (AIT, QCI-Cat).

Prof. George T. Kanellos, NKUA, HellasQCI Technical Coordinator will participate at the Quantum Networks Deployments Session, alongside Nicholas Frendo (#PRISM) and Marco Lucamarini (UK – IrelandQCI).

Moreover, Dr. Homer Papadopoulos (NCSR Demokritos, HellasQCI) will participate in two Workshops on 3/7, both focusing on QKD and PQC, at 12:05 – 12:40 pm and at 15:30 – 16:05 pm respectively.

IrelandQCI is a partner project of HellasQCI. Specifically, IrelandQCI Coordinator SETU is Associated Partner (AP) to the HellasQCI Project and GRNET, the Coordinator of the HellasQCI is Associated Partner (AP) to the IrelandQCI Project.

Find the agenda here 👉