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Assessment Report on Quantum Communication Innovation Forum | November 28-29, 2023, Bilbao, Spain

EuroQCI progress, challenges were discussed. Cooperation among National QCI projects in quantum communication was encouraged. Read the assessment report on what was discussed during "Introduction of the National projects" panel Executive Summary The QUANTUM COMMUNICATION INNOVATION FORUM, held on 28-29…

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George Kanellos, NTUA, HellasQCI Technical Coordinator - Felix Wissel, Deutsche Telekom, Germany, CSA PETRUS - Ilias Papastamatiou, GRNET, HellasQCI Coordinator - Eleni Diamanti, CNRS - Hannes Hube, AIT, QCICat Coordinator - Deirdre Kilbane,WIT, IrelandQCI Coordinator - Vincente Martin, CCS, SpainQCI

A Brief overview of the EuroQCI Thematic Working Group Meeting

CSA-PETRUS hosted meeting in EC to drive EuroQCI initiative and foster collaboration for implementation insights. Executive Summary The EuroQCI Thematic Working Group (ETWG) meeting held in Brussels on November 7-9, 2023, brought together key players in the quantum communication landscape,…

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HellasQCI 1st Training Workshop report18-19 21-22 September 2023, Athens, Greece


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HellasQCI 1st Training Event at a glance

The training’s goal was to give attendees theoretical, hands-on expertise in cybersecurity and quantum communication       The HellasQCI project held its first training event on September 18-19 and 21-22, 2023, at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. The training…

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Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Observatory of Athens and Hellas Sat in the field of satellite optical telecommunications using laser beams.

For more information about the cooperation, click here

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Welcome to the future of cybersecurity with Quantum Technologies and PQC algorithms -First Training Event

HellasQCI project offers advanced Quantum Key Distribution four-day training, accessible in person or via livestream. We are excited to announce a dynamic four-day training event focused on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Systems and Cybersecurity with QKD and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).…

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HellasQCI participated to the flagship GEANT event TNC23 in Albania

GRNET, PSNC presented 'Quantum Internet in European NRENs' at TNC23 with more than 600 attendees GRNET’s I. Papastamatiou (HellasQCI Coordinator) and PSNC’s P. Rydlichowski (PIONEER-Q Coordinator) presented “Quantum Internet Activities in European NRENs”, on June 8th 2023 at the GEANT flagship…

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