HellasQCI, a project coordinated by GRNET, operating under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, is participating at the 3rd workshop of the Romanian National Quantum Communication Infrastructure on 20-21 June 2024 at Iasi, Romania.

Dr. Ilias Papastamatiou GRNET, HellasQCI Project Coordinator and RonaQCI Consultative Board Member, has been invited to participate at the RonaQCI Workshop. During the 2-day event, Dr. Papastamatiou (HellasQCI) will participate in the Consultative Board’s face-to-face meeting, alongside members of the RoNaQCI, as well as prof. Sandor Imre and Balázs Visky (Hungary – QCIHungary) and Dr. Artur Binczewski, Dr. Piotr Rydlichowski (Poland – PIONIER-Q).

This high-level meeting will set the stage for the future of EuroQCI in SEE, create bridges to tackle any challenges and share insights and progress made in the deployment of the quantum-secured infrastructure based on quantum key distribution (QKD). Moreover HellasQCI, PIONIER-Q and QCIHungary, will present the national progress of the NatQCIs respectively.

The agenda of the event can be found here.