HellasQCI – a project coordinated by GRNET – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology, participated in a Kick-off Online Seminar, organised on March 6th, by PRISM Malta’s National QCI project.

Malta is among the NatQCIs that GRNET has signed a mutual Letter of Support (LoS), aimed at bolstering cooperation within the EuroQCI initiative.

EuroQCI Collaboration: National QCI Projects Discuss Progress

HellasQCI was represented by the project coordinator, Dr. Ilias Papastamatiou, GRNET.

National QCIs representatives from Austria (QCI-Cat), Czech Republic (CZQCI), Estonia (EstQCI), Finland (NaQCI.fi), Greece (HellasQCI), and Hungary (QCIHungary) presented their national projects and shared key updates. A vivid discussion and a Q&A session followed among the participants.

A full list of all the National QCI that pave the way towards a harmonised EuroQCI can be found in the Petrus website.