Following the success of QKD Days 2022 in Madrid and QCI Days 2024 in Vienna, HellasQCI, a project coordinated by The National Infrastructures for Research and Technology – GRNET, is delighted to announce the upcoming QCI Days in Athens-Greece, scheduled for spring 2025!

The announcement was made at the closing ceremony of the QCI Days in Vienna and Hannes Hübel QCI-Cat COO, invited Ilias Papastamatiou (#HellasQCI), Catarina Bastos (Portugal #PTQCI) and Vincente Martin (#EuroQCISpain) on stage.This event is organised under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance and aims to bring together quantum experts to discuss the latest advancements and explore the transformative potential of Quantum Communication technology.

Quantum Communications experts from all over Europe will meet to discuss the latest trends and developments in quantum-secure communication. 

This landmark event in Athens will be co-organised by 4 National QCIs : HellasQCI (coordinated by GRNET), QCI-CAT (coordinated by AIT), EuroQCI Spain (coordinated by ICFO), and PTQCI (coordinated by DEIMOS).

Stay tuned: Dates, location, agenda and more information on how to participate at this event will be announced soon.

To stay informed on the details of QCI Days 2025,  please register here: